Summer with Cimorelli

You Tube is force to be reckoned with but how can a brand like Subway become part of the conversation in an ecosystem that’s so vast? Rather than shoe horn into an existing series, we created our own with You Tube sensation Cimorelli and their 3MM + subscribers.

Filmed at YouTube Space LA and on location throughout the LA area, “Summer with Cimorelli” is a five-episode comedy about how the sisters survive the summer with no parents and no cash. Written by Douglas Lieblein, co-executive producer of “Hannah Montana,” and directed by Melanie Mayron, director of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the program pairs top Hollywood creative talent with some of the biggest teen YouTube stars.

The series trended #1 globally on Twitter and was one of Awesomess TV’s top summer series. We kicked Summer with Cimorelli off with a pop up concert at Subway followed by a Live Stream and Google Hang Out from the premiere party at Space LA. In the end, fans of Cimorelli became fans of Subway and established a relationship for years to come.