Clean Break

When Schick Hydro asked us to bring “Free Your Skin” to life, we saw the opportunity to transition the Brand from just making claims of hydration to creating a branded world of hydration that consumers could experience through original content, social media, or even direct participation. That world was “Clean Break,” a high-octane action water sports reality series that dropped 3 twenty-something guys into a world of adventure with elite watermen in Hawaii and New Zealand. By making our target part of the narrative, the story became instantly relatable and by it’s third year became the entire marketing platform for Schick Hydro to engage with young men across broadcast, digital/ social/ promotional, in-store and PR. Originally a webseries on Sony Crackle, Clean Break is one of the few digital series that jumped to broadcast running 2 years on FUEL now FOX Sports 1.


  • 2012 Effie David vs Goliath
  • 2012 Think LA 
Best Video Campaign
  • 2013 Cynopsis Digital 
Best Integrated Campaign
  • 2013 Cynopsis Digital 
Best Branded Webseries Reality